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Susceptible to contracting Corona, President Duterte is forbidden to shake hands

Philippine President's Security Forces  (PSG) temporarily banned President Rodrigo Duterte  and others from touching each other to prevent transmission of the corona virus .

Susceptible to contracting Corona, President Duterte is forbidden to shake hands

As reported by AFP on Tuesday (10/3), the new policy was set on Monday. The reason is that 74-year-old Duterte is in a vulnerable age group if contracting the corona virus.

"PSG will implement a policy prohibiting touch between the president and the public," PSG Commander Jesus Durante said in a press statement.

"People who will meet and be close to him must be thoroughly examined," Jesus continued.

The Philippine government said cases of corona virus infection in the country had spread locally. To date there have been 20 people infected with the corona virus in the country, with one death and one patient recovering.

Duterte's health condition is also often a concern. He said he often experienced migraines.

Four years ago Duterte claimed to often use fentanyl to relieve pain in his spine as a result of accidents while riding a motorcycle. Fentanyl is a substance that is often used by drug addicts.

In October 2019, Duterte claimed to have myasthenia gravis. It is a disease that disrupts the body's immunity and causes muscle weakness and makes it difficult to control the eyelids and blurred vision.

Duterte was also absent at a number of ASEAN high-level meetings in November 2019 due to exhaustion. He also cut his trip to Japan to attend the coronation ceremony of Emperor Naruhito.

Even so, Duterte often denied that his deteriorating health condition was caused by severe illness.

Meanwhile, in the Philippine constitution, the president must hand over power to his representatives if he is unable to carry out his duties due to health conditions, withdrawal, or death.


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