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Russia Accused of Trailing US Spy Satellite

Russia Accused of Trailing US Spy Satellite - The United States has  accused two  Russian satellites of trailing their  spy satellites . The US considers that very disturbing and asks Moscow to respond immediately.

In an interview with Time magazine published Monday, US Space Forces Chief General John Raymond said Russian aircraft maneuvered toward the American satellite after being launched into orbit in November at a distance of 160 kilometers.

"We consider this behavior unusual and disturbing," Raymond was quoted as saying by AFP on Wednesday (12/2).

According to him, the maneuver has the potential to create dangerous situations in space.

Earlier Raymond told US media that the satellite was similar to the inspector satellite launched by Russia in 2017. Russian

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov claimed to have received a message from Washington about the satellite. He said, Moscow would study it first before responding.

"Regarding the maneuvering of these objects in space, this is a practice carried out by many countries," said Ryabkov.

The US Space Force was formed in December, becoming the sixth military force, after the army, air force, navy, marines and coast guard.

The US Space Forces is President Donald Trump's ambition which was criticized by many parties.

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Trump inaugurated the US Space Force by signing the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which set an initial budget for Pentagon forces that would be equivalent to five other branches of the military.

"There will be many things happening in space, because space is the newest war domain in the world," President Donald Trump said at the time.

Piracy of satellites and destructive weapons controlled from space is a concern about war in space.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency warned in a report earlier this year that China and Russia had developed aerospace services for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. (dea)

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