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Japan Announces First Death of a Man with Corona Virus

 Japan Announces First Death of a Man with Corona Virus - The Japanese government announced the first death of a person who was exposed to the corona virus , Thursday (13/2).

Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said the dead victims were women in their 80s. "This is the first death of someone who is positive of the corna virus."

However, he could not confirm whether the virus caused the woman's death. "The relationship between the corona virus and death is still unclear," Katsunobu Kato was quoted as saying by AFP .

He said the woman lived in Kanagawa prefecture, and experienced symptoms on January 22, then was admitted to the hospital on February 1.

"He was suspected of being infected with the corona virus, so he was tested. Positive test results were confirmed after death," he said.

The number of victims of the corona virus continues to increase despite a number of countermeasures and prevention measures have been taken. Including isolating Hubei Province, China, especially Wuhan, which is the origin of the corona virus. It is believed that the virus originated from animals sold in local markets.

Until now the victim died due to infection with the corona virus (COVID-19) worldwide surged to 1,357 people. The figure was obtained after health institutions in Hubei Province, China corrected the number of people who died from contracting the virus on Wednesday (12/2) yesterday to reach 242 people.

As a result of the surge, the total number of people who died from the special corona virus in China today reached 1,356. One victim died in the Philippines.

Meanwhile the number of people around the world infected with the corona virus today amounts to 60,015.

Most cases outside China involve people who have been in Wuhan, or are infected by other people who have been there. (dea)

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